“Deepak … wake up. We can go for a walk,” Akhil called me on a Saturday evening. I was just sleeping my pending sleep from last night.
“It is … not fixed yet,” I nodded.
“What?,” Akhil asked.
“What to do … ?,” I said.
“What is not fixed?,” he asked again.
“My tail …”.
“Ha ha …” he could not help laughing. He laughed for a while. I woke up.
“What was that?” he asked me.
“Nothing. I tried to escape.”
I went to the wash-basin. Akhil stopped his burst.
“What happened?” Vivek came to the scene. I washed my face. Akhil busted again. It seemed like he couldn’t control his emotions.
“You are intoxicated!” I exclaimed.
He stopped laughing. “No. … I am not.” After a second he broke silence again! This time Vivek and I joined him.
“Nobody tells me what happened,” Vivek said.
“Let’s go for a walk,” I said.
“It was a dream,” I said.
“What was the dream?”
“Do you remember what you said before waking up?” Akhil asked with a smile.
“The dream was all about ‘tails’. Everybody around me had already fixed their tails. Then it was my turn. Somebody fixed a tail on my back. I was lying on my front facing the bed waiting for the tail to fuse with my body completely.”
I looked beside me. Akhil wasn’t there. I looked back. He was sitting on a milestone and laughing.
Vivek and I also couldn’t control our emotions. We also busted.
“Is he really intoxicated?” I asked Vivek.
“I think so,” he said.
We continued walking.
“Last night I too had a dream … ,” Akhil said. We looked at him.
“It was a very realistic dream. Lijo and I were in a brothel! … a place resembling the place in Padmarajan’s ‘Arapatta kettiya gramathil’ movie.”
“Then … ?” I asked curiously.
“We were playing rummy with a hooker.”
“Rummy … in a brothel … with a hooker … weird!” Vivek exclaimed.
“Even dreams aren’t kind to you … sad”, I tried to mock him.
“I was at least near something. What about you? You went back to Stone Age!”
“Dreams are weird!”
About a hundred meters away … the tea shop was waiting for us. We walked towards it.

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